Advertising With Us

Although we are a not-for-profit organisation, we welcome advertisers to use the facility on our site. The cost we charge are minimal compared to the hits we get. As we continuosly improve the site and links our hits also increase.

The chart gives a sample of hits for 13 days for August 2012. The site nearly reached 2 lac hits a day.  Our target of reaching a million hits a month is therefore not far away.

The price we are charging is “peanuts” compared to our hits. For same number of hits individual newspapers charge 2 lakh taka, 8 times what we charge.

Our rates are very reasonable and is intended not to make a profit, just running costs;

Top Animated Banner  = £225.00 a month or equivalent in taka/dollars = around taka 25,000 a month.

Body animated Banner = £140.00 a month or equivalent in taka/dollars = around taka 15,000 a month.

Body fixed ads = £70.00 a month or equivalent in taka/dollars = around taka 7,500.

There is a further discount of 10% if booked for more than 6 months