US debt tops 16 trillion dollars – China is the largest foreign owner of ‘Superpower’s’ debt

September 5, 2012

  The US Treasury Department said that the national debt has topped 16 trillion US dollars (£10.1 trillion), the result of chronic government deficits that have poured more than 50,000 US dollars’ worth of red ink on to federal ledgers for every man, woman and child in the United States. Mr Obama has presided...
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Remittances from about eight million citizens working abroad raise Bangladesh’s Forex reserve record high

September 3, 2012

According to a Government press release the closing balance of the country’s overall foreign exchange (forex) reserve reached an all-time high at the level of about US$ 11.46 billion on 31st  August 2012 due to steady growth of remittance inflow. The present level of forex reserve can meet import payment needs for, at least,...
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Nepal-Bangladesh relationship gets a boost

August 1, 2012
Nepal-Bangladesh relationship gets a boost

  Nepal will come forward to jointly produce and share hydroelectricity with its neighbours including Bangladesh.  Foreign Secretary Mohammad Mijarul Quayes told the reporters after the secretary-level meeting at the Foreign Ministry yesterday. Nepalese Foreign Secretary conveyed his government’s appreciation for the opportunities offered by the Bangladesh government on the use of Chittagong and...
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