Bangladesh in a cul de sac?

January 14, 2013
no way out (550x334)

The young South Asian democracy is a good example of how people wishing to progress  towards achieving ‘a government of the people’ can at least claim we are on the road to  democracy. But for democracy to function properly in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh  one thing that must be realised, upheld and practised...
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Delicious Hilsa fish, Bangladeshi Politician and World Bank vs Padma Bridge

January 6, 2013

  Delicious Hilsa fish, Bangladeshi Politician and World Bank vs Padma Bridge The Hilsa of the Padma river is known by the locals to be the most delicious in the world, Padma also a symbol of faith, hope, substance and sanity for some. The recent scams highlight the government’s struggle to contain subornment, once...
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Has the War-Crime Tribunal in Bangladesh Lost it’s credibility?

December 22, 2012
bangladesh war crimes Tribunal-2

The Wall street Journal European edition published an article yesterday 20th of December on Bangladesh War-Crime Tribunal. The article mentioned that Bangladesh’s government is facing mounting pressure from opposition parties and human-rights groups over alleged political interference at a war-crimes tribunal intended to heal four-decade-old rifts. However, Government Under Fire for Alleged Interference in Process Intended to...
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December 21, 2012

By: Hasan Akon: After many talks and criticism the government of Bangladesh has appointed 31 members of the Board of Directors for state run commercial banks and four specialised banks for three years period. On Thursday night at 8 pm, Banks and financial institutions division of the Ministry of Finance issued more than one...
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“How to Rob a Government Controlled Bank” – A Hall Mark Group Story

October 13, 2012

The law in every land states “innocent until proven guilty”. The case against Hall Mark group (based in Bangladesh and should not be confused with other similar names) is of course one of forgery because the money obtained as a loan was obtained with fake documents and accounts which the company could never return...
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Every 5 MP represents a Minister – Does Size Matter when it comes to Cabinet?

September 15, 2012

               Bangladesh Cabinet continues to increase it’s size: 300 MPs represent the total country’s population in Bangladesh. Over 50 Cabinet Ministers will represent 300 MPs.  5 MPs to represent a Minister. This is a huge change in terms of a countries economy and infrastructure, as all this change also increases...
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Army-Backed Caretaker ruled out by Prime Minister Hasina – is it “Double Standards” or “Fear of Democracy”?

September 9, 2012

According to a government press release dated today’s date, which reads as follows; “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina warned that the army-backed caretaker government like the previous one will not bring good for anyone. The Prime Minister said this while addressing a joint meeting at GonoBhaban yesterday. The meeting was organised to exchange views with...
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Tk 1,874 crore project to dredge 2,500km waterway gets final approval

September 5, 2012

Bangladesh is a country crisscrossed by some 310 rivers. After many years of processing the government has finally confirmed a budget for capital dredging in order to increase navigability of the rivers and also prevent floods. According to the project working paper agreed in last September (2012), the capital dredging project covers 24 of...
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Remittances from about eight million citizens working abroad raise Bangladesh’s Forex reserve record high

September 3, 2012

According to a Government press release the closing balance of the country’s overall foreign exchange (forex) reserve reached an all-time high at the level of about US$ 11.46 billion on 31st  August 2012 due to steady growth of remittance inflow. The present level of forex reserve can meet import payment needs for, at least,...
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The International Crimes Tribunal Judge resigns – New Judge appointed

August 30, 2012
The International Crimes Tribunal Judge resigns – New Judge appointed

The International Crimes Tribunal-1 yesterday was adjourned within five minutes of it’s start of proceedings as a legal dispute was raised over following the resignation of its judge AKM Zaheer Ahmed, a retired district judge. His reasons for resigning was due to “illness”. Nothing more was disclosed. As the tribunal resumed at 10.35am with...
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