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We at Bangla News only pick the relevant news reported on various online newspapers worldwide. This will help you from having to search all the online newspapers to see whether they report the relevant topic of your interest.

Our site will enable you to simply pick the story that interests you. Hope we have saved your valuable research time.

Articles in this website do not neccessarilly represent the views of the editors.  Although the editors are responsible for their selection and acceptance, responsibility for the opinions expressed and accuracy of the statements contained in articles rests with the authors.

About The Organisation

Bangla News International is based in the UK and is run by volunteers. Our organisation is a not-for-profit organisation. The articles published by us try to form an independent and impartial view and is mostly based on research.

We are aware in the real world media can often be biased and hence we try to offer you the choice of forming your own view through various newsreport links available on our site. As you will note that the links to the reports in English (below the Bengali links) will possibly have the same news reported by a number of newspapers. It would be clear that each newspaper will have it’s own wordings and own selection of the words – powerful or not.

Being part of Bangla News International

If you would like to be part this team, them please email your article to editor@banglanews.com. Your contribution would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and enjoy.