London Metropolitan University’s Sponsorship Licence Revoked – students fear deportation

August 30, 2012

(By BBC)
More than 2,000 students potentially face deportation after a university had its licence to teach and recruit students from outside the EU revoked.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) says student attendance at London Metropolitan University is not being monitored and that many have no right to be here.

As a result, the university will no longer be allowed to authorise visas.

The university said it would be challenging UKBA’s claims.

A task force has been set up to help students affected by the decision which means some 2,000 overseas non-EU students will have to find an alternative institution to sponsor them or face deportation.

The government says it wants to assess how many students will be successfully reallocated to alternative institutions before the UKBA sends out notices giving them 60 days to leave or be deported. At this stage, the Home Office is unable to say when those notices will be issued.

The UKBA says London Metropolitan University had “failed to address serious and systemic failings” identified six months ago.

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