Bangladesh attracts Chinese factories due to low labour costs

August 30, 2012

full story by BBC:

“In my factory in China, the salary of workers has been increasing steadily over the last few years,” she told me during her recent visit to Bangladesh to look for opportunities here.

“It has reached around $400 to $500 (£250 – £315) a month per worker. If I continue to produce there, our business will disappear.

“In Bangladesh the average monthly salary for garments workers is only around $70 to $100. If I produce here, price is much more competitive.”

She has already opened an office in Dhaka and is not only looking to order clothes for her own firm but is also involved in getting other Chinese online retailers to source from Bangladesh.

Chinese manufacturers say if they source clothes from Bangladesh, prices can come down by 10% to 15% depending on the category.

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