Prime Minister: Government did not step back from constructing the Padma Bridge with its own funds

July 27, 2012

The Prime Minister is now in London on a five-day official visit to attend the inaugural ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games. During a meeting she disclosed her plans to undertake the task of building Padma Bridge with it’s own fund.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has made it clear that the
. She said, “it’ll be their (WB’s) own consideration whether they’ll come up or not… we’ll construct the bridge, we have our own preparations,” she said. Mentioning the development activities of the incumbent government, the PM said, “in the last three and a half years we achieved significant progress in power generation, in raising literacy rate, ICT and other sectors.” About submitting wealth statement by cabinet members, she said the ministers submit their wealth statements to the Cabinet Division every year and mentioned that the ministers’ wealth accounts are available on the website of the Election Commission.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asserted that the next election will be held as per the parliamentary democratic system as in other countries of the world. “We won’t accept anything that might interrupt the hard-earned democracy of the country,” the Prime Minister said when a five-member team of All Party British Parliamentary Group for Bangladesh met her at her hotel suite in London yesterday. The delegation comprised members of the British House of Commons Lord Ahmed Sheikh, Baroness Tonge, Rt Keith Vaz, Jim Fizpatrick and Rushanara Ali.